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Privacy policy

Here at CAC400.com, nothing matters more to us than the safety, security and confidentiality of our customers. As a committed provider of honest, transparent and responsible trading, we work in accordance with the strictest privacy principles at all time.

1. By accessing the company website and/or using the content provided, the client immediately and unreservedly agrees to comply with all terms set out within this policy. Clients consent to the provision of information required by CAC400.com to open and manage accounts, along with the collection of additional data by the company for safety and service-improvement purposes. Clients must also consent to providing CAC400.com with the required documentation to verify their identification, in order for trading accounts to be activated. We promise to protect all information and documentation received to the highest extent possible.

2. The customer takes full responsibility for making sure that the information they submit to CAC400.com is complete, accurate and up to date at all times. CAC400.com does not allow customers to sign up for accounts on behalf of others, therefore by opening an account with CAC400.com you confirm that the account is for your own use alone.

3. CAC400.com collects and uses the personal data of customers in order to enhance customer privacy and security. This information includes both data gathered by use of internet cookies and the data submitted by our customers upon their registration for a trading account. CAC400.com restricts access to the personal information of customers to members of the team who are involved in account management and customer service.

4. We promise that the data of our customers in full or in part will never be shared with third-party companies, marketers or service providers without your written permission – unless we are instructed to disclose such information by law. We may also use your information without your consent if we suspect that illegal activity or fraud may have taken place. This applies to former customers and current account holders alike.

5. Customers who open a trading account agree to the use of their personal data and all additional information gathered by the company, in accordance with data protection laws. Along with personal data submitted during the registration process, we may also gather and use information with regard to your trading activities, account, profiles and more. In addition, CAC400.com records and stores all communications between the company and the client, both for security/quality purposes and to be used in the resolution of future disputes that may arise.

6. CAC400.com is committed to total customer security and proactively seeks measures for further bolstering trader privacy. As such, we may occasionally add to or alter this policy, therefore we advise checking back on a regular basis in order to ensure your ongoing agreement and compliance.

7. We may at any time choose to contact our customers with information on offers, products or anything to do with trading in general that we believe may be of interest. Such communications will only ever be targeted in accordance with your personal trading account, activities and profile – we are committed to minimising spam. When opening an account with CAC400.com, you provide you express consent for the company to contact you with such information. You may at any time opt out of such communications by speaking to our customer service team directly, though CAC400.com is under no obligation to agree to such requests and you may continue to receive promotional information.